A Taste of Wild Alaskan Summer

Simple, light recipes featuring the bounty of Alaska

spread of summer seafood dishes on plaid tablecloth
spread of summer seafood dishes on plaid tablecloth

Alaskan Summer Recipes

salmon burgers on a colorful background

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The Alaskan seascape offers its riches in the summer months, with commercial fishing seasons for all species of salmon in high swing. Tens of millions of these fish will glimmer and flash like treasures from the deep as they fill the heavily-laden nets of fishing vessels, a harvest that has the potential to sustain millions of seafood enthusiasts beyond the vast bounds of Alaska.

With this year’s promise of plentitude, our summer recipes offer dishes that honor the texture and light of the season. Enjoy these simple stovetop recipes that you can make without breaking a sweat, whether you’re cooking with a well-worn hot plate on a fishing boat or keeping cool in your home kitchen.

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