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How to Quick Thaw

1. Remove fish from packaging and place in a separate resealable bag.
2. Add to a cold bowl of water for 20-30 minutes and make sure fish is fully submerged.
3. Once thawed, pat fish dry before cooking for the best results! Enjoy!

Have Questions?

The Wild Alaskan Company team is always here to support you – whether you need cooking tips, recipe inspiration or questions about what specials are next—come chat with us.

Family Tradition

A photo of men on a commercial fishing boat in Alaska.

My name is Arron Kallenberg. I am the founder of the Wild Alaskan Company. The story of this company is the story of my family, my upbringing and a deep-seated desire to reconnect with myself and with real food.

For thousands of years, food and community shared a sacred bond. That bond has been broken by the global industrial food system. I started The Wild Alaskan Company because I believe the best way to reconnect with each other and improve our food system is by nurturing a community that demands sustainably-sourced meal options.

Arron Kallenbery, CEO of Wild Alaskan Company signature

Arron Kallenberg
Founder & CEO
Wild Alaskan Company


Is my fish fresh or frozen?

Our seafood is frozen to lock in its flavor and nutrients until you're ready to enjoy it. Unlike seafood at the store that can be sitting out for unknown lengths of time or thawed on arrival - gradually degrading in quality and flavor until it’s purchased.

Do I have to be home for delivery?

No. Your fish arrives frozen in an eco-friendly, insulated box with the perfect amount of dry ice to keep your seafood frozen until the end of your scheduled delivery day.

Why a membership?

We are a supply-driven, monthly seafood program. Using an approach that aligns with our commitment to sustainability and ensures the highest quality service for our community, our membership model allows us to gauge roughly how much fish to consistently procure. There is no commitment necessary – you can change your schedule or stop your deliveries at any time through your account or by reaching out to our Member Experience team.

Why Choose Wild-Caught instead of Farmed?

Wild-Caught Seafood is lower in fat and higher in nutrients and omega-3 fatty acids than farmed options. Its natural color is derived from its diet in the wild. Farmed salmon usually contains a higher fat content (more than double) and is pumped with antibiotics as well as additives to enhance the color.

Can I skip or cancel?

Yes. You can adjust your delivery schedule, plan type, frequency and even cancel completely through your online account portal. If you'd prefer, chat with us and we'll help customize your Membership to meet your exact preferences and schedule.