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How it works

1. We Source

We source the highest quality, 
Alaskan seafood from sustainably-managed fisheries.

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The Story of This Company
Is the Story of My Family

"For thousands of years, food and community shared a sacred bond. That bond has been broken by the global industrial food system."

An Alaskan Company
Making a Positive Impact

Alaska roots

Our founder, Arron Kallenberg, is Alaska born and raised, the son and grandson of Bristol Bay commercial fishermen. He grew up on the back deck of his family’s commercial fishing boat where he developed a passion for salmon and the ecosystem where they live.


Wild Alaskan is a family-run business which means we are 100% focused on being a part of the solution towards scaling sustainable food systems and advocating for environmental conversation in Alaska.

Built for sustainability

We work with suppliers who use sustainable harvesting techniques, use eco-friendly packaging and supply chain practices whenever possible, vehemently oppose finfish farming, and engage in environmental conservation initiatives.

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Real seafood you can trust

The Superiority of Wild

Farming salmon and other finfish is extremely detrimental to the environment and to wild fish populations, and the farmed fish themselves are full of toxins. Salmon feedlots incubate huge amounts of disease and parasites which leads to a vicious cycle of dumping chemicals into the ocean to combat disease. They create ecological dead zones with high-levels of fish waste impacting the plants, birds, and of course the sea life in the area.

Know Where Your Fish is From

Seafood fraud is rampant in the United States and elsewhere, and studies have found that more than more than 40% of salmon served in U.S. restaurants and stores is either a different species than claimed or is farmed salmon marketed as wild. Wild Alaskan Company fish is 100% traceable back to the Alaskan fisheries where it was wild-caught.

Alaska Is the Gold Standard

Alaska is the gold standard of fisheries management. The state’s constitution mandates that fisheries are managed on the principle of sustained yield, meaning that healthy fish populations for future generations is the priority. Like many Alaskan families, we are immensely proud and honored to be a part of a natural cycle that continues to provide for us as long as we continue to respect it.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We know our seafood is some of the best food 
on the planet and that’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction & money-back guarantee.

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